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Serving Asia Pacific and beyond – now including London, Dubai and Los Angeles.

Our Client Base

We are honoured to serve some of the worlds greatest, most reputable organisations:

Since 2019, the flagship Grand Hyatt Singapore have engaged MFC to digitalise all aspect of ISO 22,00 and HACCP. MFC are a recommended innovation app for Hyatt Global.
Learn more about how MFC continue to build new app’s for Hyatt’s operations.
Since 2016, MFC have implemented digital food safety into over 100 properties across Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about how the MFC Team have a strong, long-term working relationship with all engaged properties.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to empower people with technology, which optimises business efficiencies. Our core values of respect, integrity, pride and legacy are indoctrinated in our process and decision making throughout our organisation. Building complete, modern technology stacks that serve the now and the future.

Our Vision

Fully optimise the derived value of business processes. Committed to empowering, supporting and elevating people with modern, secure and connected technologies.

About us

Founded in 2008 expanding from Australian core operations to Singapore and south-east Asia. Sustained growth of over 20% year-on-year. Development, implementation and curation of over 200 custom digital food safety applications in 6 key sectors of the food industry. Committed to delivering high-quality, long term results and outcomes.

Morag Meikle

CEO & Founder

Here at MFC, we consider it a true privilege to lead digital transformations with our close family of clients. Trust and respect is earned at all levels because we believe in what we do.

Management Team

Sakka Mohamed


Innovating best-in-class technology stacks to our clients requirements is both interesting and joyful. Leading with best-practices, accountability and care enables long-term confidence in MFC’s applications and Technology Team.

Morena Nucci


People are at the heart of any great organisation. Values of respect, integrity, pride and legacy are our driving force. Genuine belief, efficient support and care through the digital transformations of clients is wonderfully fulfilling to MFC’s Operations Team.

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