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MFC offers a complete and fully integrated solution for ISO 22,000 certified hotels. This is a comprehensive management system that automates a huge range of timely manual process and enhances a strong culture.

Being built on the MFC Platform, the Asset Manager Platform is totally customisable 

ISO 22,000 is one of the strongest and robust food safety standards.

Certification to the standard demonstrates best-practice control and culture are implemented into business-as-usual.

Implementing the ISO system requires, above all, a serious level of commitment from the senior management of the facility. Following this, a plan is developed and implemented that aligns with the processes within the business. ISO is typically only implemented after HACCP and GMP foundations have already been established.

Managing the ISO system in a large hotel requires dedicated food technologists and hygienists as part of a technical team.

Optimising the ISO system is where technology plays a significant role. By automating, digitising and integrating technology into the processes, the operational impact on culture, time and risk is huge.




Governance of the ISO system is technology-led. There is a significant amount of documentation in an ISO system.

MFC have a content management system (CMS) that consists of numerous content types, categories and areas.

All documentation in the ISO system is integrated into the CMS where they can then be inter-linked with other documents, training, users sign-off’s, operations and anywhere else in the entire platform.

  • Smart-forms are used to integrated the documents. This way the content can be properly utilised and leveraged throughout.
  • Hard-copy documents such as pdf files can be uploaded
  • Media such as images, galleries and videos can be attached or uploaded.
  • Version and authoring controls
  • Export of content in styled and branded pdf’s
  • Public or restricted content

Once set up, managing the content is very simple as it becomes far more accessible and versatile.

The ISO system consist of various inter-related elements that work together.


A process consists of steps, these have been risk-assessed and control measures applied. A single process typically has numerous controls to manage risks in that process.

The MFC Platform has a feature where each process in the IOS System is defined. To that process, all associated resources, flow charts, controls, records, SOP’s, risk assessments and any other relevant aspects are assigned to that process.

The result is a section where all processes in the hotel are separated in a logical and easy to follow format.

This provides a very clear picture for users, managers and auditors. Linking the associated resources proves the full breadth of context related to the process.

Processes are also categorised and inter-linked with other processes.



Monitoring compliance to the ISO systems can be a complex and time consuming process.

The MFC Platform has optimised or fully automated many monitoring and verification steps with technology.

Easy Access: All monitoring forms are digital: entered via mobiles, tablets, devices or computers.  Users can also scan QR Codes that are physically attached to their Work Areas, and the form instantly loads.

Logic: all forms have embedded logic, guiding users through the required inputs and processes.

User Assignment: user groups are assigned to Operations and are responsible for completing the task, commonly within a scheduled time frame. Compliance is auto-reported in performance reporting.

Data quality: validation on data inputs, where users are instantly notified of any incorrect inputs. Operations remain active until all required data is input by users.

Scheduler: many monitoring processes need to happen on a recurring, scheduled basis. Schedules automate the triggering of Operation. Alerts and pings can be sent at any time during the schedule as reminders.

Automated Verification: the combination of data input validation, user assignments and time scheduling automates the verification process.  This is displayed as a percentage performance and feeds through to Work Area, Department, Site and Network Reporting.

Performance Reporting: Real-time, measured visualisation of compliance to the ISO system. Completion of Operations is auto reported in dashboards that include benchmarking and ranking.

The ISO system has touch-points through out the business, and is predominantly a back-of-house function.

The MFC platform organises and disperses the ISO system into the Departments, Divisions and Sections of the hotel. These all become reportable business units, where the responsibility for compliance with the ISO system is assigned.

Benchmarking is established, where a threshold of compliance is established.  The real-time and easy visualisation of the MFC Reporting enables this process. Further, dashboards & reports can be emailed if the compliance rate falls below the threshold.

Reporting provides business intelligence from the ISO system.

One key reports the Performance Report. This measures in real-time the overall compliance to the ISO System.

  • Correct data being submitted
  • Submissions within the required time frames
  • Work Areas report
  • Department Report
  • Entire Site Report

The Performance Report is very powerful as it gathers data from every single Operation and presents it in an easy to understand format.

Other reports are related to specific controls, including internal audit, complaints, micro testing. these all include data-tables, graphs and trend analysis.

Any number of custom reports can also be set up, from any Operation across the entire network.

Reports and dashboards can be schedule to mail-out, so they come right to your inbox with all the data.

Certification audits commonly involve two components:

  • Documents: records, plans, processes, certificates, etc
  • Walk-through: visual assessment, interviews, en-situ

There are a number of features to the MFC Platform that make the audit efficient:

  • Access to the MFC Platform: auditors can get their own logins for the application and directly review the documents, particularly the record keeping.
  • Bulk Export: provide the auditors with all or samples of records, Typically auditors request samples within date ranges. These can be easily downloaded as pdf or excel files, well organised and ready to audit.

Cost savings can be negotiated with your certification body when part or all of the audit is conducted remotely, as the rates for on-site are normally higher. Further, all the records are well organised and professionally presented.



There are a number of devices that can be implemented to automate certain processes.

Devices such as phones, tablets and computers are commonly used by Departments to input digital forms and review reports.

Please refer to the following sections that are relevant to IoT Hardware ISO Systems

Wireless Temperature Control

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