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Here we describe the key tools used to build digital solutions. All tools are no-code, meaning you don’t have to be a software developer to build digital solutions.


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The Smart-Form builder is a key tool in the MFC Platform. The ability to easily build, configure and maintain forms, embed custom logic to guide users and automatically validate data greatly optimises business processes.
There are 20+ fields, layout options and an enterprise-level features to build very smart forms.
Building logic into Smart-Forms is a fundamental feature. This allows for all types of business processes, decisions and actions to become either fully or semi-automated. Our Logic Builder allows for any number of conditions, including nesting. Adding Rules and Rule Groups provides endless possibilities of conditional logic. The MFC Logic tool is engineered to support both simple and highly complex conditions. Conditionals are robustly validated both browser and server side, providing high level of certainty.

Empowering time into Operations

The Scheduler is a fundamental tool of the MFC Platform. As time is your most valuable asset, the Scheduler enables integrates timing to Operations and business processes.

A Schedule is defined as a time-frame, with a Start Time and an End Time. Schedules relate to a time requirement to conduct, complete or interact with a business process: an Operation. Actions, Events, User Assignments, and Completion Reporting are but a few of the automations enabled by Schedules

Measuring Operation Completions

Schedule Reporting is based on whether or not an Operation was completed within the Scheduled Time Frames. This Compliance Report is a powerful tool to measure time-based performances, as follows: – 100% for successful completion, within the Schedule. – 0% for non-completion of the Operation, within the Schedule. Scores are automatically generated and can be pivoted to measure performance, at any frequency according each Network Structure level of Operations, Work Areas, Departments and Sites. The reporting becomes highly valuable for larger organisations. From the example below, we can see the Work Area: Food Prep achieved 75.1% Compliance Performance for that week. Data also shows Compliance Performance on a per Work Area basis, and day-by-day basis. Please see Reporting for further details on Compliance Reports, including custom reports.


Recurring Schedules may also have exceptions, such as a period of being Closed or changed Operational activity. Closures are similar to Schedules because they have Start Times and End Times. During the Closure, all Actions, Reporting and any other event is disabled. Closures provide the flexibility to accurately Schedule all exceptions to repeated Operations.
This diagram visualises categorised Sites as part of a portfolio on a Network
Insightful intelligence from real-time data.
Business Intelligence
One of the most powerful features of the MFC Platform is the Reporting Engine. From simple Data Tables and Standalone Charts, to more sophisticated Integrated Tables and Big Data Visualisations.

Enhanced Reports: a richly featured Reporting Engine enables the creation of a huge range of specialised Reports. Business Intelligence Reporting is a key aspect of truely harnessing the full value of technology in your business.

  • Create any number of Reports
  • Simple and complex Data Tables
  • All Data Tables have Graphical Tools
  • Visualise data-sets easily
  • Set Report Summaries and Threshold Reports
  • Aggregate and Group Data Tables
  • All based on real-time technology

30+ data visualisation options

The MFC Platform is fully integrated the Internet of Things. Devices, sensors and many other highly interesting hardware things can be readily connected. This includes LoraWAN and Bluetooth devices and gateways.

There are many 100’s of devices to connect and automate many processes!