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The MFC Platform has been engineered to scale and grow to any size business. Understanding the organisational framework unlocks provisioning for the complexity of diverse business portfolios.

The organisational structure of your apps results in a highly scalable enterprise task management platform.

Engineered to scale: Confidently scale and contexturalise your evolving business activities without risk of functional performance. Both the front-end and the back-end are engineered for this precise purpose.

The following levels enable the highly scalable platform:

  • Network: this is the root account
  • Sites: any number of Sites can be added to the Network, and further categorised
  • Department: any number of Departments can be added to a Site
  • Work Area: any number of Work Areas can be added to Departments. Work Areas are the reportable business unit
  • Operations: any number of Operations can be added to a Work Area
This diagram visualises how your Organisation is structured on your Network. At each level, there is unlimited additions of Sites, Departments, Work Areas and Operation to suit your business structure. This architecture and its underlying technology is engineered to be highly configurable and scalable.
This diagram visualises a simple Butcher Shop structure
This diagram visualises a small hotel set up
This diagram visualises categorised Sites as part of a portfolio on a Network