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Engage one of MFC’s highly specialised service teams to provide end-to-end support and empower your business.

We are delighted to work with all levels of business to achieve highly time and cost effective outcomes.

We welcome the opportunity to explore your digitisation potential.

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A huge amount of progress and optimisation can be made with Simple Digitalisations. This typically suits SME’s that stand to benefit by converting the paper-based forms, spreadsheets or other legacy forms into a digital platform.

Simple Digitisations can make a rapid impact on time savings and business improvements. Our Service Teams are highly experienced in Simple Digitisations and routinely deliver this service to many clients.

The diagram below describes the typical 3-step Simple Digitisation process.

Digitisation broadly describes the transformation of manual processes into tech-enabled processes. From paper-based forms, to spreadsheets and legacy systems transformed into highly functional, Industry 4.0, feature rich software applications.

Enablement of digital technology that positively changes behaviour, processes and business outcomes is a truely exciting experience.

The digitisation itself calls on a range of disciplines, approaches and philosophies: process knowledge, user experiences, creativity, logic and business acumen. The MFC platform is engineered to be highly agile, facilitating iterative versions of digitised resources.

The diagram below describes the steps involved for a typical 5-milestone, project-based digitisation project.