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MFC have a fully integrated ThingsBoard IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management.

It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols – MQTT, CoAP and HTTP. It combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so you will never lose your data.


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 Telemetry Data Collection

Collect and store telemetry data in reliable way, surviving network and hardware failures. Access collected data using customizable web dashboards or server-side APIs.


Support multi-tenant installations out-of-the-box. Single tenant may have multiple tenant administrators and millions of devices and customers.

Data Visualization

Provides 30+ configurable widgets out-of-the-box and ability to create your own widgets using built-in editor. Built-in line-charts, digital and analog gauges, maps and much more.

Horizontal scalability

Amount of supported server-side requests and devices increase linearly as new MFC ThingsBoard servers are added in clustering mode. No downtime, server restarts or application errors.

IoT Rule Engine

Process incoming device data with flexible rule chains based on entity attributes or message content. Forward data to external systems or trigger alarms using custom logic. Configure complex notification chains on alarms. Enrich server-side functionality or manipulate your devices with highly customizable rules. Define your application logic with drag-n-drop rule chain designer.


All MFC ThingsBoard servers are identical. No master-workers or hot standby. Node failure is automatically detected. Failed nodes can be replaced without downtime. Persisted data is replicated using reliable NoSQL database.

Device Management

Provides ability to register and manage devices. Allows to monitor client-side and provision server-side device attributes. Provides API for server-side applications to send RPC commands to devices and vice-versa.


Supports transport encryption for both MQTT and HTTP(s) protocols. Supports device authentication and device credentials management.

Asset Management

Provides ability to register and manage assets. Allows to provision server-side asset attributes and monitor related alarms. Ability to build hierarchy of entities using relations.

Customization and Integration

Extend default platform functionality using customizable rule chains, widgets and transport implementations. In addition to MQTT, CoAP and HTTP support, MFC ThingsBoard users can use their own transport implementations or customize behaviour of existing protocols.

Alarms Management

Provides ability to create and manage alarms related to your entities: devices, assets, customers, etc. Allows real-time alarms monitoring and alarms propagation to related entities hierarchy. Raise alarms on device disconnect or inactivity events.

Microservices or Monolithic

Supports monolithic deployment for getting started or small environments. Provides ability to upgrade to microservices for high availability and horizontal scalability.

SQL, NoSQL and Hybrid database

Supports various database options and ability to choose where to store main entities and where to store telemetry data