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Engage one of MFC’s highly specialised service teams to provide end-to-end support and empower your business.

We are delighted to work with all levels of business to achieve highly time and cost effective outcomes.

We welcome the opportunity to explore your digitisation potential.

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Engage MFC’s highly specialised Support Teams to take care of your application.

From Change Requests to adding New Users, the MFC Curators provide a full suite of administrative services to your platform.

We welcome the opportunity to become a Curator of your application.

A special relation

Curators are a special part of the MFC Services. Over many years, and over many important projects, Curators are the go-to resources to provide advice, make updates, integrate data, build forms and many other specialised tasks.

Curators act on behalf of the Client, and have a very high level of knowledge and experience with the Client. This includes the MFC Platform, but also includes knowledge of the Clients business itself, the processes and operations.

Curators are always people-orientated, approachable and able to rapidly conceptualise business requirements. Further, the same Curators then apply change requests, variations, updates and all other tasks requests by the Client.

Setting the foundations

Training is a fundamental activity when adopting new technologies into businesses.

The MFC Service Team are dedicated to the training process and outcomes, fostering an innovative culture.

We welcome the opportunity to explore training opportunities with your business.


The MFC Service Teams develop the documentation for your application.

Functional Specifications are developed in logical and intuitive fashion so they can be easily consumed by all audiences.

Includes images and breakdowns of user personas, roles,  workflows and all key information to manage the platform.

  • MFC Service Team develops documentation
  • Specifically based on your application
  • Documentation integrates with your application
  • Full breakdown of all key functions and use cases
  • Images of each screen
  • Highly experienced, subject matter experts assigned


The MFC Service Teams develop video tutorials for your application.

Well scripted and attractive video training, intended to on-board and train user on the clients platform.

Full hosted on the clients MFC Platform, no 3rd party applications used.

  • MFC Service Team develops video tutorials
  • Specifically based on your application
  • Videos integrate with your application
  • Full breakdown of all key functions and use cases
  • Easily distributed and well received training tool
  • Highly successful as a training tool