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The Governance App is where relations are linked between business frameworks and digital technology.  Highly valuable for organisations that need real-time performance measurement linked to Policies and Company Standards.

Being built on the MFC Platform, the Governance App is totally customisable 

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This is an inter-related database of your business framework documentation. Policies, Standards, Procedures, Work Instructions.

You documentation is very easy to add, and really comes to life when it is linked to your digital Operations.

Each Operation can be lined to your Governance App content, such as Policies, Standards and Procedures.

This results in big-data generating real-time performance Reporting & Measurement for your Policies, Standards and Procedures.

  • Framework for Policies, Standards, Procedures
  • All can be easily categorised and inter-linked
  • Database for teams to access documentation
  • Documentation is linked to Operations
  • Big-data from Operations related to Policies
  • Policy performance measurements in real-time
  • Highly valuable for diverse business portfolios

Organisations typically have a high volume of Policies, Standards, Procedures (SOP’s), Work Instructions, Guidances, How-To’s and many many other forms of documentation.

The Governance App allows you to add all of these documents, where they can be easily organised into Categories.

Teams can have role-based access to these documents, and can export them into branded pdf’s.

Team members can be sent documentation for acknowledgement and sign-off.

  • Very effective Document Manager
  • Full version controlled
  • Organise into Categories
  • Export to company branded pdf
  • Role-based access control
  • Easily send or ping to users for sign-off
  • Highly valuable for diverse business portfolios