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MFC offers a complete and fully integrated solution for Asset Management. Using a range of technologies such as QR Code awareness, Machine Learning cameras and IoT Beacons. Can be applied into both simple and complex Operations.

Being built on the MFC Platform, the Asset Manager Platform is totally customisable 

Primary Information

This presents the most commonly utilised and important information relating to the asset, such as asset name, location, image/s, video/s, category and owning department.


This presents secondary data relating to the asset such as acquisition date, supplier, and other less used information relating to the asset.

Categorisation of assets

Each asset can be associated with one or more categories. This is useful when managing a large number of assets and for reporting purposes.

Service History

All services, maintenance, reviews or any interaction with the asset is logged into a Service History. This is linked to each asset profile page, and as a dedicated Service section.

Work Flows

For assets Operations that require multi-step, inter- department, multi-users activities, custom & conditional work-flows are established. Either free- flowing or requiring approval to process.

Supporting Resources

SOP’s, work instructions, cheat-sheets, how-to’s, suppliers manuals, training materials or video links are managed in an associated database and linked to the assets.

Quick Response Code

Each asset has a unique QR code generated. This is printed and physically attached to all assets.

Scan on-the-go

The QR code can subsequently be scanned by cameras in phones, tablets, and augmented reality (AR) glasses, that directly link to the assets’ profile page upon scanning.

Integrate Printer

direct integration with Zebra G-Series desktop thermal printers units that produce durable, long lasting QR Codes that attach to assets.

Continuous tracking

Beacons are small wireless devices (IoT hardware) that are physically attached to the asset and monitor movement of assets, triggering an action such as email, sms or pings.


Beacons are integrated with the asset profile to provide real-time physical movement monitoring.

Higher value assets

This is useful for expensive assets that require a higher level of monitoring.

Smart Cameras

Cameras enabled with machine learning capabilities, where objects can be automatically counted and actions triggered based on the result.


Images and extracted data are integrated with the asset profile for monitoring and actions.

Tech-enabled process

This saves valuable time in stock and inventory control. Cameras can be permanently installed or used on devices.

Scheduled Actions

nominate dates and set conditions that auto-trigger and report asset reviews, preemptive maintenance, replacement or any other action.

Ad Hoc Actions

users can report issues relating to assets by simply scanning the QR code. Inputs of images, with the ability to annotate and draw on the image. Video footage can be taken also. Requests send directly to maintenance teams, logged and reported follow up and closure

User Assignments

assign departments, suppliers, user groups or specific users to operations that relate to the asset. Monitor the user actions and fulfilment of the assigned tasks by associating digital completion forms.

Asset Life-cycle

Define all steps in the life-cycle of all assets that includes sustainability considerations and environmental welfare.

Post-cycle repurpose

Information relating to asset disposal, destruction, re-selling, re-working, donation, recycling of the assets.


This is a complete module that monitors, verifies, measures and reports on the sustainability outcome of assets once the operational life-cycle is complete.


build any number of custom business intelligence reports, charts, graphs and dashboards. Scheduled or conditional mail-outs of dashboards right to your inbox.


Consolidated dashboards that report and link to all active and pending Operations relating to assets. Useful for teams to get an overall view of pending tasks.